6 Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas

It’s hard enough to think of long distance relationship date ideas at the best of times, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic! It’s even more important whilst we are still in lockdown that we are feeling connected our loved ones, including our partners, but it can be hard when we are forced to be apart and have to rely on technology a lot of the time to communicate. 

Whilst lockdown has been really difficult and has effected everyone’s relationships differently, one thing we’ve all been drawn to during this weird time has been our date nights. They’re not quite the same as what we we usually have planned, but spending our evenings together and doing activities has been a great way for my boyfriend and I to stay in touch and keep things exciting. 

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So here are a few long distance relationship date ideas to hopefully spark your imagination and keep things fresh in  your relationship, during lockdown and beyond! 

Online interactive games

We love an online game at the best of times, but they’ve been a really fun way to pass the time during lockdown. I would say I’m very much a casual gamer – I love Animal Crossing but other than that I only really play games on my phone, whereas my boyfriend loves his PS4 and what I would call more ‘serious’ games. We’ve found that playing games such as Scrabble and UNO together online is really fun – not only does it give us something to do together, but certain games are also challenging mentally which is great for my lockdown brain!

Online games can be great long distance relationship date ideas as there are so many options. Do you want to be competitive against each other, or work cooperatively during the game? Do you want to invest in a more serious PC or console style game, or would you prefer something more chilled like an app or mobile game? The possibilities really are endless. 

If the game itself doesn’t have a chat function, you can also video call or talk on the phone whilst playing so you feel a bit more of a connection to each other – and maybe you could even turn some more mundane games into ‘strip’ versions if you really wanted to mix things up! 

Share books or articles with each other 

I really love the idea of having a sort of ‘book club’ with my boyfriend, where one of us picks a book for us to both read and then we schedule in some time every week to discuss it. I think it’s another great way to spark that conversation on interesting topics, rather than just discussing your days and what you have been up to. 

If you really wanted to run with the idea, you could even suggest getting dressed up as characters from the book, or in the style of the book for your call to make it more of an event and special occasion. 

You also don’t necessarily need to focus of books if this isn’t really your thing. The whole idea that came to me was the idea of sharing and consuming something together and discussing your thoughts on that topic, as I love nothing more than a deep conversation about things. I find usually we end up in a cycle of sharing articles and things with each other and saying ‘let me know what you think’ rather than having that open discussion.

Have a Netflix party

We all love a bit of Netflix and a classic date night idea is to stay in and watch a film together. To make this work for those of us in long distance relationships or separated by lockdown, there is a chrome extension called Netflix Party which allows you to hit play at exactly the same time from different locations and also provides a chat box to the side of the screen so you can chat during the movie. 

Alternatively, we’ve found it’s actually really easy to video call whilst watching the same thing online. We both enjoy watching videos on Youtube and have watched a few series together on iPlayer and things, and as long as you countdown to hitting play, it all works great! 

Create a joint playlist and have a virtual dance party

Music can be great for inspiring long distance relationship date ideas, and it’s something that is really important in mine and my boyfriend’s relationship. I think it’d be really fun to create a joint playlist of all of your favourite songs, or even songs that spark special memories for the two of you, and then have a virtual dance party or a bit of a singalong on a video call! 

I only use Spotify so I’m not sure how it works on other streaming services, but you can make the playlist private if you want to, so only the two of you can access it. On Spotify you can also do Group Sessions, which has one audio output but allows you to control multiple devices, so you could control what your partner is listening to in different situations. Again, I think this is a really nice idea for something collaborative and interactive, as you could ask your partner to choose the music whilst you’re exercising or on a walk for example. 

Have a traditional ‘date night’

For us, our date nights normally involved getting a bit dressed up and going for a nice meal and a few drinks together. And really, there’s no reason why this can’t be done virtually as well. 

Make a plan to cook the same dinner at the same time and again, you can video call or be on the phone to each other whilst you cook and eat. You could even try making some cocktail recipes if you wanted to get a bit more creative! It’s even more fun if you both really make an effort to get dressed up a bit fancy as if you were going out to a swanky restaurant.

Quiz nights with friends

I’m sure you will have, like us, been doing a lot of quizzes during lockdown, but they can be a great way to keep in touch with your partner as well as friends and family. I guess it’s similar to the idea of playing games online, in that it’s collaborative but also brings out that fun and competitive side. For us, quizzes are allowing us to stay in contact with each others long distance friends and family, as well as us working together sometimes to create quiz questions. 

Whilst we would obviously prefer to be able to see each other, these small moments that we usually take for granted and the weird (yet very creative) date nights we’ll have during our long distance relationship and lockdown will certainly create new memories for us and hopefully we will look back on this time and think of all the fun things we managed to do together.

What long distance relationship date ideas do you have? Where’s the first place you’ll be going out on a date when lockdown has been completely lifted? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. Calie says

    I am lucky to live with my boyfriend but if we’d been apart, these would have been great ideas! Some of these I did with my family who lives overseas and it was wonderful to do!

  2. T.B.C says

    These are fab ideas. Thank you – we are doing most of them for the most part but we’re happy to learn about the Netflix party Option. Going to have try that. Xx

  3. Katie Harding says

    Awww love this! I feel like even without quarantine I’m always in a long distance relationship! I love both going for a walk separately and getting on the phone together. While you’re walking it’s so much easier to just talk about anything and it’s like you’re walking together

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

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