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This post was created in collaboration with Monada, who kindly gifted me some of their products. All opinions, as always, remain honest and my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

Whether you call them jiggle balls, love eggs, kegel balls or Ben Wa balls, they all amount to pretty much the same thing. Rounded, often weighted, products you insert into your vagina for pleasure, health benefits, or both.

Why so many names for these versatile balls? Well, some of it depends on the design of the particular product, and some on how it’s marketed and for whom. The terms jiggle balls and love eggs are often used more when talking about a product that exists purely for pleasure. Ben Wa balls and kegel balls seem to me to be a mixture of the two; pleasurable insertable balls which offer intimate health benefits as a bonus.

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Today, we’re going to talk all things kegel – from the benefits of using kegel balls to how you can use them to spice up your sex life.

What Are The Benefits Of Kegel Balls?

There are two main benefits of using kegel balls; sexual pleasure and improving sexual and vaginal health through pelvic floor exercises.

Sexual Pleasure

Many people find the experience of first inserting love eggs into the vagina quite pleasurable – and it is recommended that this is done using some lube. The motion of the item inside the vagina can provide a bit of teasing as you are able to feel them moving inside you. Often, a super soft silicone is used for love eggs as this is a lovely feeling material, as can be seen on the Monada Vibrating Love Eggs.

Solid Ben Wa balls which are not attached to each other can move slightly differently as you move around, and bump into one another from time to time. Other kegel balls and love eggs are designed with weights inside, the motion of which can feel a little like non-powered vibration as you (and they) move about inside.

These types of kegel balls aren’t necessarily designed to bring someone to orgasm, although a few fortunate people might of course be able to experience orgasm simply through using them. They’re more of a tease, an intimate, secret foreplay, building arousal until you wish to take things to the next level.

Monada remote control vibrating love egg

Health Benefits

The motion of kegel balls inside the vagina causes it to clench around them, plus the demands on your body to keep them inside will make sure you complete your pelvic floor muscle reps. This is why some of these products, particularly those with a primarily health-conscious focus, are known as kegel trainers.

Kegel trainers are usually weighted in some way, to help provide that pelvic floor workout. They can be a single sphere, teardrop or other shape, or a more jiggle-ball-style duo. There are also kegel trainer sets which include 2, 3 or more insertables, of increasing weight & possibly size, designed for you to work up through.

A lot of people, especially younger women, will use kegel trainers as they believe it will tighten everything up down below – and whilst this isn’t strictly true, doing kegel exercises often can increase the intensity of your orgasms. This is because kegel balls offer a stronger workout for the pelvic floor muscle. This can help with problems such as urinary incontinence, whether post-childbirth, due to increasing age or other reasons. Tightening the muscles within the vagina is also said to help provide more powerful and intensely felt orgasms –a great reason to give them a try!

Kegel balls can of course be used in so many ways – and the variety of toys available mean it shouldn’t be too hard to find a set that is right for your needs. With that in mind, here are some fun ideas to strengthen your kegel muscles with a set of Kegel balls, whether solo or with a partner.

Public Solo Use

Popping to the shops? Consider putting in your kegel balls before you head out in public by yourself. Being able to tighten your muscles around these balls will help strengthen them while also providing pleasure. This can be a great way to tease both yourself and even your partner as you go about daily activities.

Public Partner Use

For a fun tease with your loved one, you might want to try including them in the action. Let them choose which kegel balls you’ll use. For even more fun, if your budget allows, purchase a set of vibrating, remote-controlled love eggs such as the Monada Luxury 10 Mode Remote Control Vibrator. Let your partner have the remote, and you can enjoy the pleasurable vibrations while you also strengthen your internal muscles. They are fully in control via the remote control and this can be a great way to have an intimate moment with your partner in a new and exciting way.

Make a Boring Task More Enjoyable

Have to vacuum the house? Mop the floor? Do the laundry? Consider multi-tasking with your Kegel balls. Not only will it make things a bit more fun, but you’ll also tone your muscles at the same time. As you may not be particularly aroused while doing chores, make sure to use a thorough amount of lube when inserting your love eggs to keep things comfortable. Why not get your partner involved by giving them the remote if you own a vibrating love egg and add a bit of teasing to the chores?

Use Kegel Balls During Foreplay

Along with strengthening the muscles, using kegel balls and love eggs can increase blood flow and attention to the vaginal area, which makes them fantastic as foreplay toys as well. Want to surprise your partner when they get home? Use your love egg for a little bit beforehand and you’ll be ready to go! Just want to make sex better for later than night or tease yourself for the big event? Kegel balls can be great for that as well.

Have you ever tried using love eggs or kegel balls to spice things up in the bedroom? Or maybe you use them frequently for pelvic floor exercises? Let me know in the comments!

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