Period Sex: A Bloody Taboo & Busting Myths

Period sex is one of those taboo subjects that no one wants to talk about, but deep down, everyone wants to know the details – so what’s the real deal? Does sex actually feel better when you’re on your period? Does it hurt? I’ve spoken to a variety of people who love period sex and researched the darkest corners of the internet to bring you all the facts about this bloody taboo…

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Period sex can ease PMS symptoms

According to science, the endorphins released by orgasms can relieve common PMS symptoms such as stress (obvs) and headaches, but they can also relieve menstrual cramps for some people – based on the strength and intensity of the orgasm. Did you know that vaginal orgasms also have more healing properties than clitoral stimulation?

Does sex feel better on your period?

Just because no one really talks about it, it doesn’t mean that no one is doing it! Research has shown that 30% of sexually active people have sex during their period – and loads of women even notice they feel more turned on around this time of the month. Many women also claim to feel more sensitive on their period, leading to an increase in pleasure and sensations when stimulated. So, you could argue that yes, for some people sex feels better whilst on your period.

Does having sex on your period make you bleed more?

Kinda, yes. Having sex on your period is always going to be a bit of a messy affair (make sure you put some towels down first), but you may notice more blood than expected, even if your period is fairly light. This is because orgasm increases the rate at which your period leaves your body, which in turn can decrease the length of your period. Now obviously there’s no guarantee, but some suggest it really works. But essentially, yes, you should expect to bleed a little more during period sex.

You can still get pregnant

People with regular 28-day cycles are less likely to ovulate around their period (and therefore less likely to get pregnant), but you’re not made invincible by a bit of blood. There are many reported cases of ovulation happening close to your period and, because sperm can live up to seven days inside you, it is actually still possible to get pregnant whilst on your period.

The clean up doesn’t have to be stressful

You might enjoy having sex on your period, but chances are, your bed sheets won’t. Putting down dark coloured towels can be a lifesaver but if you do get stains, soak them in cold salt water before washing ASAP, then spray on a stain remover and wash as usual. Hey presto – any visual reminders should wash right out.

Do guys like period sex?

This one very much requires a conversation with whoever you are sleeping with. But, if you’re looking for some guidance, Bodyform conducted a survey which showed that out of the men surveyed who avoid period sex, over half find it a turn off. One in five men also worry they will hurt their partner.

Is period sex painful?

For the majority of women, period sex shouldn’t feel any more or less painful than normal sex. While period sex is completely safe for both parties involved, it may feel a bit uncomfortable for some women as the cervix is in a lower position.

Have you tried period sex, or do you want to? Maybe you learnt something new from this post? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Alexandra Wrigley says

    Oh my, I LOVE how you’ve posted about this. This is such a vital topic as women I feel needs to be addressed more. For me, it totally depends on my partner’s mood.

  2. Stephanie says

    I’ve honestly never been interested in period sex. I asked my husband about it before we even began having sex, and he was equally disinterested. I can see the appeal because of a higher sex drive, but the mess, and the appearance of something much darker having happened really stresses me out – haha! To each their own, I suppose!

  3. Michelle says

    The thought of it has always grossed me out, it’s interesting to hear that it can reduce PMS though, I suffer from PCOS and I get such a bad pain sometimes.

  4. Amy says

    Thank you for sharing something that’s such a taboo topic! I’m lucky in that my husband has said many times he doesn’t mind, although for me personally I’m not a fan – mainly because I find it really hard to feel attractive when I’m on my period! xx

  5. Lindsey Brogan says

    Well done on talking about a taboo subject! It’s good to know how it can ease symptoms. I usually feel more sensitive around my period and more turned on but reality is I just wanna curl up on my own with a hot water bottle as I feel so unattractive! Thanks for sharing!

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