A Beginners Guide To Sex Toys

If you haven’t used sex toys before, scrolling through thousands of 17-inch dildos online can be a pretty scary experience. Dipping your toe into the extensive world of sex toys can feel overwhelming. You’re not quite sure where to start, everything looks far too big to go inside any part of you and you can’t exactly take your new toy out for a spin and return it if it doesn’t hit the spot. Looks like you need my beginners guide to sex toys!

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To make your search significantly easier, I’ve rounded up a list of the most popular types of sex toys for beginners and given you a little run down of each one, including some product recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a gadget to upgrade your solo sessions or you want to try something new with a partner, there’s a toy below that’s sure to pique your interest.

Types of Sex Toy

There are hundreds of different types and brands of sex toy out there, and sex toy shopping can be a bit of a minefield if you’re not too sure what you are looking for. Whether you’re after clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, a bit of both or neither of those, hopefully, my quick and easy beginners guide to sex toys can help!

Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators are small vibrators that are best used for light clitoral stimulation. Bullets are great as simple first-time toys as they are not at all intimidating. While they’re fantastic for solo play, they’re also wonderful to use to add a beautiful clitoral buzz during intercourse, since they’re little enough not to get in the way.

Bullets are a great sex toy for beginners as you can really experiment with them. Their vibration isn’t overly intense but will be enough to bring you to orgasm.

Pretty much everywhere that sells sex toys will stock some sort of bullet vibrator. Try the Durex Intense Delight or Ann Summers 3 Speed Bullet Vibrator for two slightly different but great sex toys for beginners!

Classic Vibrator

Traditionally shaped classic vibrators are normally straight with a slightly pointed end. They work a lot like bullets, but because they’re larger and longer, you can also use them for internal vaginal stimulation as well as to hum against the clitoris.

Some people prefer classic vibrators for clitoral stimulation as they’re easier to hold, which can be useful if you find a bullet difficult to grip or position to your liking.

Some people find the familiar, straightforward shape and size of classic vibes reassuring too – there’s nothing too bewildering or intimidating about them.

Again, classic vibrators can be bought from any of the usual sex toy stores, with the Lovehoney Super Smoothie Classic Vibrator and So Divine Rocketman proving popular choices.

Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit sex toy is perhaps one of the most famous female sex toys in the world (thanks Sex & The City!). It’s primarily intended for women’s solo use, although there’s no reason why a guy can’t use it on you either. Rabbits are super popular as many people achieve their first G-spot orgasm with them!

The rabbit has two main parts to it. The shaft, which is usually inserted into the vagina and vibrates the G-spot area, and smaller protruding ‘ears’, which rest against the clitoris for added stimulation.

Rabbits can be a great upgrade from a bullet or classic vibrator for sex toy beginners and often come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.


If the buzz of a vibrator doesn’t float your boat but you still want to explore penetrative toys then why not try the most traditional of all sex toys: the dildo. Although the penis-shaped dildo has been around since ancient Greece, it remains a firm favourite with men and women partly because they are designed to be so lifelike.

Dildos come in a variety of sizes and girths, so there’s no need to be scared. Start with whatever you feel comfortable with and you can always buy something bigger later on if you feel the need!

Wand Vibrator

Now, wands can look scary as most of them are pretty massive. But mostly, they do exactly the same as a bullet vibrator but whilst covering more of your clitoral area. Wand vibrators can be really handy as the long handles make for super easy masturbation. You can hold the handle at chest-height and reach the clitoris without moving a muscle. Convenient! The girthy head gives you all-over clitoral stimulation without having to do much in the way of manoeuvring.

Pebble Massagers

Pebble massagers are relatively new on the scene and I think they’re a perfect sex toy for beginners. Designed to sit in the palm of your hand, pebble massagers can be used all over the body. They are for external use only, so again work great as a tease or as a clitoral vibrator. Most pebble vibrators, such as My Viv, will have a curved tip for targeted and more intense clitoral stimulation.

Cock Rings

The perfect couple’s sex toy. Cock rings work by allowing blood flow into the penis but restricting blood flow out ensuring a harder, longer-lasting erection and a delayed but more intense orgasm. Most cock rings are made out of a flexible material, such as silicone, and have a vibrating section on the front which will rest against the clitoris during sex. The Moregasm Couple’s ring is a great example.

Butt Plugs

Not the obvious choice for a beginners guide to sex toys but bear with me. More and more people are experimenting with anal play and a butt plug can be a great way to start. With tapered ends and plenty of lube, butt plugs are nowhere near as frightening as you might think!

Start small and build up as you get more used to the sensation of having something inserted into your butt. At first, it can feel like you need to, well, you know, but just relax and you’ll soon get used to the sensation.

Unlike the vagina, butts don’t self-lubricate so it’s really important to use plenty of water-based lube on both the plug and yourself. Many people avoid anal play because they’re worried that it will be painful but with plenty of lube, a gentle approach and the right size plug, you’ll be butt happy!

The Jolie Pleasures Mini Butt Plug is a great place to start, or you can get beginners kits too.

Hopefully, this beginners guide to sex toys has helped to guide you on your way to sexual exploration! Have you used any of these toys before, and what did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Tonyalee says

    Love this post! I’m actually writing something similar for my blog, too! Sex toys can be intimidating. Lol

  2. Bryony Baker says

    This is a really good post, sex toys are a topic that isn’t spoken about much in the blogging community so it’s great you’re talking about them x

  3. Rachel says

    I love these posts. I’m a firm believer that anyone with genitals should have vibrators and be open to butt stuff. I too thought a butt plug would be too much for a beginner but you have to start somewhere, right? Like you said, plenty of lube and just relax!

    Rachel || http://anotherstationanothermile.com

  4. Kayleigh Zara says

    I love that you’ve shared this, there is still such a stigma around sex toys! It can be so difficult to pick something that will work for you when you’ve not tried one or don’t know what you’re looking for x

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