AD: An Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Some items in this Valentine’s Day gift guide have been gifted to me as part of collaborations with brands, or I have been asked by the brand to include their service in this post. I will mark such items with *. All opinions remain honest and my own.

Whilst I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day itself, I do appreciate how diverse the gifting has become. Long gone are the days where all you can get is a box of chocolate and some flowers – nowadays, companies produce all sorts of alternative gifts for Valentine’s Day.

flatlay with embroidery kit, valentines card, scrabble letters and red rose

You may still love the traditionally romantic gesture of a beautiful bunch of red roses, but these alternative Valentine’s Day gift ideas are perfect for when your partner deserves something a little bit different.

Blossoming Gifts – Rainbow Roses*

From Blossoming Gifts is a twist on the traditional bunch of red roses. These rainbow roses are simply stunning! They’re such an imaginative and vibrant take on a very traditional gift of Valentine’s flowers and would be a great idea for anyone who likes to mix things up a bit and surprise their partners!
Each bouquet is one-of-a-kind as these are dyed, rather than mass-produced. It is worth bearing in mind that the flowers do have a shorter lifespan because of this – the website advises the roses will probably start looking a little worse for wear after 5 days.
bouquet of rainbow coloured roses against a white background
Blossoming Gifts have also been kind enough to give you all a discount code for 15% off bouquets, for a limited time only. Simply use code ABI15 at the checkout!

London Guided Walks – Walking Tours

If an experience gift is more what you are looking for, then London Walking Tours are bound to have something that catches your eye. They offer a wide variety of walks, from historic tours on the Georgians and Romans, to smartphone photo walks of London’s landmarks.

London Walking Tours offer private tour gift vouchers, meaning you can purchase a voucher and your partner then chooses which tour they would like to go on, the date and the time that suits you both. I think this is a really good idea for a collaborative gift, and great for new relationships too if you’re a bit stuck for Valentine’s gift ideas!

London skyline graphic

LoveCraft Rose Embroidery Set*

I’ve recently decided I wanted to learn a new skill in 2020, and I somehow settled on the idea of cross stitch and embroidery. I wanted something I could do with my hands that was creative but didn’t require as much mental energy as writing. This Rose Embroidery Set from LoveCrafts is great for beginners as it has really clear and easy to understand instructions, as well as having the stencil of the design on the hoop fabric, so you can literally follow the design as you go.

I’ve not started this yet but the design is so pretty and all the materials feel really good quality and I think it would be a great little gift for any craft lovers or someone who likes to be kept busy!

Love Crafts Rose Embroidery Set

Lovehoney Sex Toys

If you read my blog often, you’ll know by now that I’m a big fan of Lovehoney. Their whole ethos of sexual happiness, body positivity and inclusivity in sex is wonderful and refreshing, and their products are amazing too, with such a wide range to choose from.

Sex toys can be great alternative gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, especially if it’s something you can use as a couple such as handcuffs, whips, flavoured lubes or massage toys. Lovehoney have kindly created a Valentine’s section on their site to give you some inspiration as well!

I think people can shy away from the idea of sex toys for Valentine’s Day, but as long as you are open and honest with your partner about what you are comfortable with, they can make a really intimate and personal gift.

Sassy Shop Wax Scented Wax Melts*

Slightly different from a candle, but with all the same effects, wax melts can make a great alternative Valentine’s Day gift. These wax melts from Sassy Shop Wax come in a variety of scents and shapes, from chocolate bar-esque moulds to simpler round designs. My personal favourite is the Strawberry Lily scent – it’s fruity yet fresh and has a musk edge so it’s not too overpowering.

pink and purple wax melt candles on black slate background

Our Q&A A Day: 3 Year Journal

I thought Q&A journal this was such a cute idea when I saw it. This journal is for those who are in long-term relationships and it essentially prompts you every day to reflect on yourself and your relationship. Some of the questions can be quite deep, such as ‘do you have enough independence’ whereas others are more relaxed such as ‘what’s the best romantic comedy you’ve seen together’.

I think this is a great idea as not only do you learn more about your partner every day, you can also look back on your answers as the journal is meant for 3 years of use!

Will you be buying any gifts for Valentine’s Day this year? Did any of these ideas catch your eye? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Steff says

    Love the idea of the London Walking Tours! I’ve eyed them up a few times before on Red Letter Days and similar sites but never actually bitten the bullet and booked one. Will be keeping it in mind in future! xx

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