Turning 25: Mini Birthday Haul

If you follow me on social media, you will probably have noticed that I recently celebrated my 25th birthday. 25. Halfway to 50. Over the hill. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about my birthday this year and found it incredibly daunting, but with a little bit of help from friends and family, I had a truly amazing time. I got well and truly spoilt and thought I would share a few bits and pieces in a mini birthday haul.

Now, I just thought I would pop a little note here to say that this post isn’t intended to come across as bragging in any way – These sorts of posts are just always well received and I know I enjoy being nosey and reading them too!

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Address book

Now I feel like a real grown-up! With all my friends scattered across the country and moving around a lot, an address book seemed like a sensible idea and just look at it, it’s so pretty! It’s already had some use for birthdays and just really makes me feel like I have my shit together.

What Would The Spice Girls Do by Lauren Bravo

I’ve had my eye on this book for a while as it seemed to take the internet by storm a little bit. Essentially a feminist read, What Would The Spice Girls Do takes a nostalgic journey back to the 90s and has been described in reviews as a love letter to the girls we were and the women we have become. I’m really excited and intrigued by this book and may even end up writing a review of my own!

Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout

It might be a bit nerdy but I’m a sucker for a board game. I’m naturally quite competitive and also enjoy the time away from a screen, so it shouldn’t be a shock that I was super happy to receive this little quiz game, made by Big Potato Games, for my birthday. It’s a little complicated to explain but it’s basically a question-and-answer quiz best played in teams. We’ve played it a few times now and it’s really good fun and quite difficult!

Magnitone First Step Vibra Sonic Compact Cleansing Brush

My skincare routine is frankly non-existent, and now that I’m on a steep decline into my 30s (that’s terrifying) I thought I should probably do something about it. I’ve heard lots of amazing things about these cleansing brushes and how they’ve really made a difference to people’s skin, so I was really happy to receive one!

I’ve been using this nearly every day (I’m not perfect, don’t judge me) for about a month now and I would say I have noticed a difference. My skin is definitely even and smoother and I get less breakouts, but I think we still have a bit of a way to go before I can fully say if this is helping.

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Multi Masking Face Mask Play Kit

Who doesn’t love a face mask, right? The full-size versions of these L’Oreal masks are quite expensive and my skin is quite sensitive at times, but with this little trio, I can try out the different masks and see how my skin reacts. I’ve not managed to give any of them a go yet, but I’ll let you know how I get on!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my mini birthday haul. I feel so grateful and loved and I had the most amazing birthday. Thank you as well for all your birthday wishes over on Twitter and Instagram, they made me feel super special.


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  1. Ayse says

    Happy belated birthday love! This is such a lovely blog post and looks like you got some lovely bits!

    Ayse x

  2. Mehsi says

    Happy Birthday! *throws glitter* And what a wonderful birthday haul, I should definitely get that Spice Girls book, I was a big fangirl back when they were popular.

  3. Loren says

    Happy belated birthday, Abi!
    Your description of the board game has piqued my interest and now I’m going to check it out. I’ve tried L’Oreal’s Clay masks and loved them!

  4. Amy says

    Happy belated birthday! I felt the same when I celebrated my 25th birthday and I still wasn’t particularly thrilled when I turned 27 this year! Like you though my friends and family still made sure I had an amazing time. I feel an address book is definitely a real milestone when it comes to adulting! As a kid mine were only ever filled with my family’s addresses and such that I already knew off by heart but as an adult they’re super handy with your friends being scattered in different places!

  5. Steff says

    Ah I love these kinda posts as I’m nosy too 😬
    It looks like you got some really thoughtful gifts!
    Have you started the book? It sounds great! I’m ashamed to say I was a teen in the 90s 🙈 and you think 25 is bad lol.
    Hope you enjoyed your special day xx

  6. hannah says

    25… To be that young again (sigh) I’m 32 and feel too old haha beautiful blog sweetheart!! And a mega happy 25th birthday. X

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