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This post was created in collaboration with Go Ape Coventry, who kindly gifted me a Tree Top Adventure experience. All opinions, as always, remain honest and my own.

A few weeks ago, I was kindly invited along to the opening weekend of Go Ape Coventry, at Coombe Abbey Country Park. For those who haven’t heard of Go Ape before, it is a high adrenaline treetop experience that takes visitors up into the canopies to challenge their fears and overcome obstacles. They have over 30 locations across the UK, with Coventry being the latest to open.

Wooden ape statue carving in forest setting

Go Ape Coventry is set within the 500-acre grounds of Coombe Abbey Country Park, making for some pretty stunning views around the 5 courses. This experience is suitable for all the family, as the courses vary in difficulty and fear factor.

Is Go Ape Safe?

Simple answer, yes! Having never done Go Ape before I was a little nervous about how safe I would feel going around the course without an instructor, but before you are set free you have a really easy-to-understand but thorough safety briefing on your harness, karabiner clips and trollies. Even though it all looks and sounds complicated, all of the equipment is super easy to use and the instructors take extra time and care explaining it all to the younger ones. They had no hesitation in reassuring us and answering any questions we had before starting the course.

Go Ape Coventry – The Courses

Without giving too much away (because I always think it’s better to experience something like this in person), Go Ape Coventry is made up of 5 different high ropes courses of varying heights and degrees of difficulty. There is a big wooden tower in the middle of the site that marks the beginning of all of the courses and is manned by instructors who can advise which courses are easier or harder than others. I think Go APe Coventry is quite deceptive as when you arrive near the tower, it doesn’t look as if the courses go that far, but actually, they stretch out quite a way into the forest.

Girl on treetop course walking across wooden planks

We chose to begin on the slightly easier courses (numbers 5 and 6) as neither myself or my boyfriend had ever done something like this before and we didn’t really know what to expect! I think because of this, I found some obstacles within these courses quite hard, as I wasn’t used to the feeling of being up in the air. My boyfriend, however, took it all in his stride and even had a go at the gladiator rings (which looked really difficult but also hilarious, I won’t lie)

Across all of the courses, there are a variety of different obstacles to try including zip lines, rope bridges, climbing nets and more. Course number 7 was especially fun as it starts with something called the Tarzan Swing, where you essentially jump off a platform and swing into a huge cargo net. There are two platforms next to each other so you can go down with someone which made it way more fun for us as we were egging each other on. It’s such a good adrenaline rush and so much fun! The rest of course 7 continues as normal, just a bit higher up than the previous courses.

Girl walking across hanging wooden planks in treetops overlooking lake

Course 8 was definitely my favourite as it is predominantly ziplines – definitely the most fun part of all of the courses. You start from the main central tower and zip your way through the forest, gradually getting higher and the ziplines getting longer. There are a few obstacles along the way, including a very scary single wire to walk across, but it’s worth it for the finale.

Girl in treetops walking away from camera on single wire with nothing to hold on to

The end of this course is called the Alpine Zipline and my goodness, it’s high up. Whilst my self and my boyfriend were getting ourselves all clipped up at the top, I noticed a family below us stood watching all looking very confused as to why there were two people at the top of the tree! The Alpine Zipline stretches across a whole field and must be at least 200m long if not more. By this point, I had no fear and found it quite easier just to pop off the ledge and it’s so worth it for the view and the rush you get from it! Of course, my boyfriend and I had a race to see who would get to the end quicker (sadly, he won. Rematch?)

The last course at Go Ape Coventry isn’t actually a full course, it is simply called The Plummet. I’m sure you can have a good guess at what this obstacle is; basically, jump off a 12m tower. That’s it. No nets to land in. Just you and the trusty bungee rope. You do The Plummet from the same part of the tower as the start of the zipline course, so you can get a bit of an idea of the height from that. Sadly, by the time we had finished all the other courses, it was getting quite late so we couldn’t do this one – but we will definitely be back to conquer it!

Overall, Go Ape Coventry was such an amazing and exhilarating experience. You do feel exhausted by the end but I also felt very proud of myself. And you even get a little certificate at the end too!

One thing I will say is to probably get there a bit earlier than we did. We were booked in for 2:30pm and didn’t finish until nearly 6pm so it is definitely a full afternoon activity. I’d also recommend wearing gloves as my hands were quite sore by the end!

Tickets for Go Ape Coventry are Β£33 but you do get 20% off if you book online.

I love activities like this and it was part of my 25 before 25 list to go and do a course so I’m very thankful to the Go Ape team for making it happen!

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  1. Hannah says

    I love go ape! This course definitely sounds full on, the last one I did only had 1 course but you could go round a couple of different ways and then just 1 zip line to finish πŸ™

  2. Naomi (Inching Forwards) says

    This sounds great! I’ve wanted to go on a Go Ape course forever (there was a forest with one in it near my house when I was little), and this post has only increased my desire to go. I’m going to have to organise a trip. Thank you for reminding me, and thank you for this super fun post – I love the photos πŸ™‚

  3. Shannon says

    I’ve always wanted to try Go Ape and now I can’t wait to try it. I’m quite a thrill seeker if I do say so myself but am surrounded by people who don’t really like heights and would never do this.

    Mission to find an accomplice to do this with has started.

    Shan xx | http://www.atnumber20.co.uk

  4. Evie says

    I love GoApe it’s so good no matter what your age. I love that each course is different too, it really does make for a good day out. It looks like you had fun!

  5. Chloe Osborn says

    I’ve had a Go Ape near me for years but have never actually been on it! It’s encouraging to see that you found it okay as beginners and had a lot of fun with plenty of help if you got stuck. The Plummet at the end sounds terrifying but exciting!x

  6. Sophie Harriet says

    That looks so much fun but terrifying! The picture of you on the single rope makes me feel dizzy! But I imagine once you have got used to being up in the air, you lose your fear! I have already added Go Ape to my list of things I want to do this year! x

  7. Hayley says

    This looks like fun! But I’m also a little hesitant as I am not good with heights – particularly ones where you can see straight down – most rollercoasters or skyscraper observation platforms are fine however anywhere you can see straight down I start to feel a little weird haha!!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

  8. Daisy says

    Great post! Go ape is on my bucket list, it looks so fun! I will definitely aim to go early and to bring gloves now thanks to you.

    Daisy β™‘ | thebucketlistbabe.wordpress.com

  9. clairelomax2018 says

    I was here on Sunday, I’ve been coming since I was little so was shocked at the changes over the last few months but I have to say it looks amazing!

    I’m not great with heights but I really want a go!

    Great post, love the pictures x

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