My 25 Before 25 List

The thought of turning 25 this year fills me with dread. A whole quarter of a century of life, halfway to 50 for goodness sake, and I feel like as each year goes by I’m achieving less and less. I don’t mean this post to come across negatively in any way – I am happy and healthy and am lucky to have what I have and lucky to have the ability to experience so many things, but I like to push myself. I really want to make 2019 a corker of a year, and I thought 25 before 25 would be a good way to start.

So, in true Abi-loves-to-write-a-list style, I’ve compiled a list of things that I would like to achieve before the inevitable 25th year of life smacks me in the face in September. So grab a cuppa, snuggle down and see what I’ll be hoping to get up to for the next 8/9 months!

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1. Go to a festival

I’ve not been to a festival since 2014 and I loved it! I really enjoy live music anyway and I think festivals are a great way to see loads of your favourite bands all in one place, so I’d definitely like to get to a festival this year. At the moment, Reading & Leeds is looking like a winner for me.

2. Travel more of Europe

Travel will always be something I want to do more of, but I’ve got two places on my radar for this year – Copenhagen and Madeira!

3. Go on more UK city breaks/day trips

Again, travel related but I feel I really need to see more of the UK. I’ve really not travelled around that much so I’d love to spend time in places like Bath, Oxford, Liverpool, Brighton, York and many more.

4. Go on holiday with my boyfriend

I think by this point, you get the idea. I like travelling, okay?

5. Go away with friends

Travelling with friends is something I haven’t done too much of, and I would love to do a proper girls weekend away with my uni friends this year.

6. Open a help to buy account

This feels like a very grown up thing to be writing. I’ve been meaning to set up a help to buy account ever since I graduated and just keep putting it off because going into the bank makes me feel really anxious, but I need to start thinking about my future and houses don’t come cheap!

7. Run a 5k

I’m really unfit but I’ve also been really motivated to exercise since the start of the year and have been going to the gym and fitness classes weekly, so I thought why not really challenge myself! I hate running and cardio in general but I’m excited to try and actually complete a race and feel really satisfied (and exhausted) at the end of it!

8. Do more adrenaline activities

I love a good adrenaline pumping activity but I haven’t done anything too daring in a while and I just love the thrill it gives you! I’d love to go to Wales and go on the alpine coaster they have there, as well as a bungee jump or something like Go Ape.

9. Give blood

In my opinion, if you are able to, I think everyone should give blood. I tried to a few years ago but was turned away as I didn’t weigh enough, so I’m hoping now that I’m a bit heavier I’ll be able to give blood this year.

10. Visit long distance friends once a month

After finishing university, I found it really quite hard to keep in touch with friends as we are now spread all over the country. I’d like to try and visit at least one person or take one trip a month to keep in contact with everyone throughout the year.

11. Set up a Goodreads account and read 5 books

I’ve actually already started this goal as I’ve created a Goodreads account already – isn’t it addictive?! I love reading but I find it really hard to make time for it. So I’m going to set a relatively small goal of 5 books before the big 2-5 comes around and see how we go!

12. Cook a roast dinner by myself

I’ve never been much of a chef and to be honest, I don’t find cooking that enjoyable. However, I think it’s important to be able to cook for dinner parties and family, and what is better than a roast?

13. Get my first paid blogging collaboration

Whilst money is by no means my motivation for blogging, it would be cool to be offered payment for something that I have created and have a passion for. I’m not going to force it, but I’m continually working on my blog in he hope that the right opportunity comes up.

14. Keep attending Body Balance classes as often as possible

I used to attend Body Balance classes at uni and I loved them, so I was really excited when I found that my local gym now has a class on a Monday evening. I’ve only been once so far this year, but it was a really great class and I’ve already booked onto more!

15. Volunteer for a charity in the local area

I did quite a bit of volunteering at university for different sections within the student’s union and I really do miss feeling like I was helping people and making a difference.

16. Donate care packages to food bank / homeless shelter

I guess this is quite similar to volunteering but I’d like to put together some small care packages to donate, including things like toothbrushes, tampons etc that may not usually be donated. There are quite a few homeless shelters where I live that I hope will appreciate this.

17. Ride a horse

A bit out there I know, but I haven’t ridden a horse since I was about 4 and just feel like it’s something I should probably do as an adult!

18. Take a cocktail making course

Largely because it involves alcohol, also because it would be such a laugh to do this with a group of friends!

19. Create a university photo album

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I hate that nowadays all of my photos and memories are stored on either a laptop or my phone. I love having physical photos so I thought it would be fun to create a proper photo album like we used to have when I was a kid and fill it full of all of my photos from university.

20. Marie Kondo my life

As a lover of organisation, I was very excited when Marie Kondo recently took the world by storm. So naturally I’m going to “Marie Kondo” every aspect of my life and I cannot wait.

21. Go to more live music events

Kind of the same as my first point about going to a festival, but I’d like to attend more live music events in general, including local bands. At one point, I would do to some sort of gig every week and I miss that environment!

22. Grow a cactus and keep it alive

I’m not naturally green-fingered but a friend brought me a Grow Your Own Cactus kit for my birthday last year so hopefully when the weather gets a bit warmer I can successfully grow a cactus baby and keep it living!

23. Do something different with my hair

I’ve had the same hairstyle for about 10 years now which is frankly a bit ridiculous so I think I’m due a change!

24.  Go skiing

My boyfriend has recently been on a skiing holiday and he’s desperate for me to try it. I’m personally not convinced and think it’s an accident waiting to happen, but I’ve agreed to go to the snowdome and give it a try. Wish me luck!

25. Attend more theatre shows

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore musical theatre so it’s no shock that I have an ever-growing list of shows that I would like to see. I already have a few trips booked in this year so this point has kind of already been achieved, but any excuse to visit the theatre more is a winner for me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my 25 before 25 list! Do you have any similar aspirations for the year? What do you think about goals posts such as this?

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  1. Lisa's Notebook says

    Ah, this is such a lovely list of things to do. Cooking a roast was a fear of mine for a long time too but actually, it’s one of the easiest things to do. Just whack your joint in the oven and that’s it! And I love the sound of the cocktail making course, that would be such good fun and a fabulous skill to acquire too – don’t forget to blog about it too 🙂 Good luck with your list and happy birthday in advance! x

    Lisa |

  2. jenna says

    Great list – I hope you can accomplish all of these things! I really want to do some more traveling as well, looking to go to Thailand or Norway… I thought I would never be able to keep a succulent alive, but I actually did it! He has survived over a year now (even after my roommate knocked him over with the vacuum), so I am sure you will be able to do the same!
    -Jenna ♥

  3. Melissa @ Always, Lissa says

    You’ve got some great goals on here and I can hope that you can achieve them! Goodreads is definitely addictive. Been on it for a few years now and I can get lost on there pretty quickly. Giving blood is a great addition. I used to give blood quite often. But after I started to get piercings and tattoos, I couldn’t do it anymore. At some point I’ll be able to again but for now, I’m enjoying my tattoos too much to stop. I have to ask, September what? I’m a September baby too.

  4. Anaïs N. says

    I could have written the first sentence of your post haha. This is literally me depressing about being 24… anyway haha. This was a great post to read and the goals you set for yourself are great!!! I hope you’re gonna achieve all of them xx

  5. Miss Jitty says

    I love your list! I actually just knocked a few of those off for myself, but some I am still chipping away at! I love the “Grow a Cactus and Keep it Alive.” haha I would probably grow it and the poor thing would just wither and die quite quickly!

  6. Rachel says

    I also really want to go to a big music festival before my big 3-0 in 6 years. But I hate camping so will need to glamp or get a hotel, haha! I’m actually going skiing for the first time in 5+ years on Wednesday and I’m scared too! I also hope to see 30 musicals by the time I’m 30, 9 more to go!

    Rachel ||

  7. Tales of A Bearded Man says

    I really want to do this for my 30th birthday! Thanks for the inspiration and I really hope that you manage to do everything on your list! If not then you will at least have the best fun trying!


  8. The Daily Maria says

    Nice list. I am turning 26 this year and I cannot believe it.
    Good luck with all of these things.

  9. gotmeghan says

    This is a good and a varied list of goals! I’m very impressed! We have a lot of similarities, however I can’t give blood! The first time I ever had to get mine taken was awful and I ran over one of my favorite nurses with my wheelchair – he didn’t even do anything either! I still feel bad about that lol!

    By the way, if you’d like to be friends on Goodreads here is my profile! and yes, it is VERY addicting! 🙂

  10. Loren says

    This is such a great list. Hope you can check off all of the items on your list before your birthday.
    I had a 20 before 20 but theres 5 months left and I’ve done nothing on it (whoops).
    Good luck and thanks for sharing!
    Loren |

  11. Chloe Jane says

    A wonderful list and I also would have so many of them on my list too! I’m also turning 25 this year and I often feel like I’ve barely achieved anything. I really need to get a help to buy sorted too, I’ve been talking about getting one set up for years, I just haven’t done it for some reason but I’ve heard how amazing they are.

    Chloe xx

  12. sarahwalker2101 says

    These are such great goals, I love all the travel related ones! Don’t freak out about 25 lovely, I’ve just turned 28 and I’ve realised that there aren’t any deadlines, or age limits on things you want to achieve. 🙂 xx

  13. hellolizziebee says

    I feel the exact same when I approached 25, and now I’m actually getting stressed because there’s so many things I want to do in life, especially travel! I hope you can achieve your goals!

  14. charlotterick says

    I love this list – I think I can add some of these to things I wanna do before I’m 25 too. I always think its crazy how close the rest of Europe is and how I haven’t seen much of it! Travel goals are always the best. I really want to run a 5K too!


  15. notyoumate says

    What a fabulous list – I wish you well in doing all of that this year – and you probably will.

    Someone further up on these comments is nearer to my age, than I am to you……you can add 20 (and a tiny bit) years in my case….but the one thing you have each day, that I don’t have so much of is ‘time’. My day is driven pretty much by my wife and young kids, so what I want to do, is put on the backburner…..and as I tap this out at 6am, I can hear my 3 year old waking up…..

    I must sound/read like ‘old father time’ – but you have so much time to do so much. Definitely save towards property….no it’s not easy, but they said that 20 odd years ago when I got a foot on the property ladder.

    Cooking a roast is pretty straight-forward (but daunting to start with). Easy tip – chicken from Tesco’s, bag of potatoes – chop into smaller chunks…microwave in a bit of water for 8 mins – then into oven for 45ish mins. Frozen veg – microwave that. Gravy – Bisto powder stuff………………..and that is basically it !! It’s all about the timings.

    Theatre is fabulous – you can see so much creative stuff…….see things that are a bit outside your comfort zone – they are really rewarding. Many theatre’s do ‘behind the scenes theatre tours’ – in September there is an ‘open’ weekend, when lots of creative places give out tours – well worth a look.

    National Trust membership – again, well worth it – you can see loads if you intend to travel around the UK etc.

    Never panic on what you achieve – have a 3 and a 5 year goal – and yes that might seem an age away…….but it doesn’t take long (trust me !)

    Good luck.


    I have a blog, which is ultra basic – but it now covers some of what my free time now entails – doing Presenting, Hosting and Compering events in front of hundreds of people…’s such fun… it is. And I take our guinea pigs into schools and nurseries doing ‘awesomely amazing’ (my words……but I have great reviews !) ‘Show and Tells’.

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