Sheet Masks Or Sh*t Masks?

I’m a big lover of skincare and face masks, so it’s surprising that it has taken me this long to discover the wonder of sheet masks. Less fuss and mess and generally less time consuming than a standard face mask, sheet masks have taken the beauty world by storm recently. From Korean to hydrating, exfoliating to vegan, there really is a sheet mask out there for everyone.

flatlay style post showing row of different sheet masks packets with text overlay

Over the last few months, I have ended up with quite a few sheet masks in my cupboard, so I decided why not write a little review on each one and let you know if I think they are worth buying.

Victoria Secret Let’s Pre-Glam

First up is the Victoria Secret Let’s Pre-Glam sheet mask. I received this in a recent Glossybox and have never tried any Victoria Secret skincare before. This particular mask contains hyaluronic acid which is known in the beauty world as a fab skin conditioner. This mask should be left on for 15 minutes after cleansing.

On first impressions, this mask was super easy to open and unfold without ripping. The liquid that is on the mask itself wasn’t runny or dripping so it was very mess-free too. I also found that this mask sat really well on my face compared to sheet masks I have tried before; it fit perfectly and didn’t slide down my face at all.

The mask itself wasn’t overly scented but it smelt pleasant, not too floral or chemically. It didn’t feel greasy or slimy, it wasn’t excessively wet and there wasn’t a lot of the liquid left either on my face or the mask after the 15 minutes. There was a little bit of residue which is normal for sheet masks and I just gently rubbed this into my skin afterwards.

I was really impressed with this sheet mask, especially considering it isn’t from a beauty or skincare specific brand. It left my skin feeling really moisturised and nourished, but not oily or shiny. This retails at around £4.50 which I think is a little expensive for a single use product but it’s a great pick me up or accessory on girls night!

I would definitely re-purchase this mask as it was easy to use and left my skin feeling fab. 5/5.

Victoria Secret Let's Pre-Glam Sheet Mask


Beauty Pro DETOXIFYING Bubbling Cleansing Sheet Mask with Activated Charcoal

Next up is the Beauty Pro charcoal cleansing mask. But this is no normal cleansing sheet mask. It foams and bubbles on your skin, aiming to deep clean those pesky pores and blackheads and improve the firmness and clarity of skin. This mask is suitable for all skin types, including acne prone skin. As is quite normal for sheet masks, the instructions state to wash your face with warm water first, then leave the mask on for 10 minutes. Ideal for a quick pamper!

Upon opening the packet, there was quite a lot of excess liquid spilling out so I would recommend opening over a sink. The mask itself felt thicker in material than others I have tried, which did make it slightly easier to open as I was less afraid to rip it. One thing I will say is that the mouth section on this mask was HUGE. With a bit of adjustment and folding, I made it work, but it was quite funny!

The mask starts foaming and bubbling almost immediately once settled onto the skin. It almost feels like a light fizzing; it’s definitely not unpleasant but it is a bit strange. I also didn’t realise that it would foam up so much on top of the mask, so I looked like some sort of bubble bath monster when I looked in the mirror!

There was quite a lot of excess foam and liquid to rub into the skin once the mask was removed. I sort of used it like a facial wash, I rubbed some of it in and then wiped off any leftover. In terms of he results of this mask, I can’t say I noticed any difference in the look of my skin or my pores. My redness was still, well, red – but my skin did feel very moisturised and nourished. I did notice that the next day I had a few breakout spots, especially across my cheeks where my pores are usually the worst. I don’t know whether the mask had drawn out the ‘bad-ness’ from my skin and that’s why maybe?

Overall, this mask is okay but I probably wouldn’t re-purchase. 3/5.
Bubbling Cleansing Sheet Mask with Activated Charcoal on a black and white floral background

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

Finally, a more popular skincare brand. I’ve seen lots of bloggers talking about the Garnier sheet masks but this is my first experience trying one.

I chose the moisture bomb as this is meant for combination skin, and lately my skin has been feeling dryer than usual due to the cold weather. I was immediately drawn to the packaging of this sheet mask more so than the others – it’s so pretty! This mask claims to have the equivalent hydration in one mask to one week of your usual skincare routine which is pretty impressive.

The mask itself was super easy to open and came apart really easily. Different to the previous masks, this one has two layers to help you apply it easier. I thought this was a little pointless as the pull off layer pulled off most of the mask with it. The shaping of this mask isn’t too great either. The mouth hole is so tiny I had to sit with a pout the whole time it was on, but then the cheeks and sides were huge and caused a mess in my hair.

Once applied, the mask sticks to your face well and doesn’t have too much excess liquid. It dries well onto your skin and doesn’t feel as though it’s going to fall off every time you move. This is a 15 minute mask so it does have a little longer to work it’s magic but I think this helps! By the time the mask is ready to be removed, there is very little left over product to run in.

My skin felt so smooth after this sheet mask. I definitely noticed that my skin looked less shiny and it reduced the look of my pores. Even the next day, my skin still felt really moisturised which I was surprised at.

Overall, even though there were issues with this sheet mask, I loved the effect it had on my skin. 4/5

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

Have you tried any of these sheet masks before? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Sandra says

    I love all kinds of masks, but I think sheet masks are great for lazy days when you just want to slap something on ur face and not worry about messiness. I will be doing a similar post soon where I use sheet masks for a month. Loved your post xx


  2. Sara says

    I do love sheet masks but I have found that some are definitely better than others so will definitely be keeping your recommendations in mind, thanks so much for sharing!


  3. aimsysantics says

    I have tried sheet masks before, but none of the ones you have in this post. I don’t mind them, but some can be really messy! Might have to try some of these ones now though!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo

  4. budgetbelles80 says

    I love sheet masks because they are quick and easy to use. The only ones I tried so far are TonyMoly, St. Ives, and Bath and Body Works. I would love to try the ones you mentioned!

  5. Tyas says

    I used to love sheet masks and I was using Innisfree’s and Nature Republic’s sheet masks. They had good effects on my skin but it can get messy sometimes, like you mentioned in your post, so I stopped using 😅 Anyway, thank you for sharing the reviews! I think the Garnier one is good!

  6. Millie says

    Haha I love the title!! I’ve never really been into sheet masks before and Im not really bothered by them. Despite how funny they can be haha Great review nonetheless!

  7. Zoë says

    Ooh the Garnier one sounds appealing to me!! I absolutely LOVE sheet masks, I am obsessed with them! I just put them on my face and leave it on for hours while I paint my nails or something! Haha!! xx

  8. Ashley Sugimoto says

    I personally love sheet masks! But have a lot of funny stories about them getting all over me 😂

  9. Activated Living says

    I haven’t tried any of these makes before but thank you for your reviews and sharing! I’ve just recently become obsessed with face masks. I’ll definitely look into these products!

  10. Raven Black says

    I have never tried a sheet mask, but will try and look for them next time I’m out. My favorite mask is a vanilla scented mask that starts warming up as soon as you apply it, making your skin feel amazing once done.
    Great post <3

  11. Emmy says

    I really liked the honest review of the masks, I usually prefer normal masks, but I might actually try the Garnier mask. Great Post!

  12. Melissa @ Always, Lissa says

    I haven’t tried the ones you mentioned but I’ve tried a couple from Sephora (they also have hand and foot masks!) and some from TonyMoly and so far, all of them have been great for my skin. I tend to do a lot of hydrating and nourishing masks. The Sephora Avocado one is one of my favorites.

  13. Naomi says

    I absolutely ADORE sheet masks but they never fit my massive face! I haven’t tried those but I’ve always wondered about the Garnier mask. I might have to go and pick it up now after reading your review. Primark masks

    Thanks so much for sharing Abi!

    Naomi xo

  14. Alice says

    I love sheet masks. My fave ones are Tony Moly I’m Real sheet masks. They are Korean but you can get them for cheap in TK Max!!

    Alice /

  15. Viki says

    I love skincare but I really haven’t got onboard with sheetmasks. They seem expensive (in the long run) and create more trash than regular facemasks. They’re nice for a treat but I don’t think they’re for me.

    Viki –

  16. Rachael says

    I don’t use sheet masks as much any more but I do still have a giant box to try and finish up. Most I find offer a bit of a temporary boost, some I find more about the ritual of relaxing than they offer as benefits to the skin.

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