2 Year Bloggiversay Q&A

Happy two year bloggiversary!

I cannot believe it has been two years since I decided to create What Abigail Says. Time has gone so fast! I’m very proud of myself for sticking at blogging, and it has brought my so much happiness and some wonderful opportunities, so it felt right to dedicate a little post to the occasion.

Whilst I do feel that we chat about some personal topics here, I realised that many of you may not know much about me or my blogging journey. So I put a call out for some questions to form a little Q&A. I personally love reading more about the person behind the blogger and why they love doing what they do, so I hope you enjoy!

2 Year Bloggiversay Q&A whatabigailsays

What made you start a blog, and what makes you motivated to stick to it? – Tanya from GlamGlitzGloss

I actually started my blog without a lot of thought. At the time, I didn’t really read any blogs, I wasn’t aware of the blogging community or anything like that. I was starting my final year of university and I just felt like I had no creative outlet and I was spending all of my time on academics. I have always loved writing, so I thought I would channel my creative energy into writing about things that felt important to me at the time.

Being motivated to blog can be a tough one. I work full-time and have evening commitments on most days so time can be quite short. Ultimately, I love blogging. I love writing and creating and coming up with ideas, so a lot of the time doesn’t feel like something I have to motivate myself to do. Most of the time, blogging is what I want to be doing in my spare time so that does make it a little easier.

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you’d buy? – Submitted by Helen

Honestly, it sounds super cliche and I know a lot of people say this, but the first thing I would do is help out my parents. I would pay off the rest of their mortgage and give them some money for the house as I know they have a lot of work that they want to do! After that, I would probably get myself a car and a puppy!

What’s the best thing you have experienced / accomplished due to blogging? – Cammie from CammyNicole

I’ve been very lucky to receive a few products over the years thanks to blogging. Some of my favourites would be Fair Squared Skincare and Vinoos Real Wine Gums. I think the collaboration I am most proud of (and was most excited about) would be my collaboration with Lovehoney. They are a brand that I buy from all the time and I love their whole ethos and attitude towards sex and sexual liberation. Plus, they were absolutely fantastic to work with!

Do you remember what your first post was about? – Ryan from NoakesIsms

I do! My first post was about not feeling like you fit in with the crowd, being the ‘weird’ girl but learning over the years that that is okay! It was a bit of a rant and I was very much expressing how I felt at the time, but I think the message is still relevant and I’m sure many people can identify with it.

What is your favourite book and why? – Submitted by Kirstine

One book that I can always re-read no matter what is Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. This was one of the first books I ever bought myself as a young teen and something about it just made me fall in love with it. I was so nervous when they announced they would be making into the film Love, Rosie because I was expecting them to ruin it, but it was okay as far as adaptations go. (Don’t get me started on PS. I Love You, that was an AWFUL adaptation…)

What’s your favourite post you’ve ever written and why? – Morgie from Morgie Reacts

Gosh, that’s a really tough one. Obviously, I love all of my posts or I wouldn’t publish them, but I think for me my favourites would be the more personal or controversial posts such as How I Deal With Weight Gain, Embracing Female Sexuality and My Thoughts on #MeToo.

If you could do another degree, what would you do? – Emily from Emily Mumbles

For those who don’t know, I graduated in 2017 with a degree in Communication and Media Studies. I absolutely loved my degree and it was the perfect course for me. However, if I was ever to go back to university, I think I would study something like journalism or marketing. I’d also be super interested in studying something like forensic psychology or pathology.

Where would you like to see your blog in 5 years? Do you even see yourself blogging then? –  Tanya from GlamGlitzGloss

In 5 years, I would absolutely love to be blogging part-time, or even full-time if I’m really dreaming! I’d love to be able to spend my day doing what I love and creating wonderful things for you all. I would hope that I will still be blogging in 5 years, but I would imagine the content may be slightly different.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted questions for this post and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me and my blog!

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  1. pixieskies says

    Happy 2nd birthday, that’s a big achievement! It was lovely to get to know you a little better through the questions 🙂


  2. Peanuts & Cacahuetes says

    Happy second bloggiversary!!! 😊 This is a huge achievement so congratulations on your motovation and devotion to your blog! You cam be proud!
    No it’s not cliché to give money to your parents if you win! I would do the same! I find it very generous 🙂

    Once again, happy celebrations!


  3. TheSouthernerBlogs says

    As someone starting out at Month One, it’s incredible to read someone’s perspective at Year 2. As everyone else has already echoed – well done. It’s a fantastic achievement and your blog is beautiful. Looking forward to reading more and getting more acquainted with you this Blogtober!

    • whatabigailsays says

      Thank you! This is so nice to hear and I’m sure you have a wonderful blogging career ahead of you. I’m actually not taking part in Blogtober, but my regular Sunday posts will still be going up as normal!

  4. Rachelle says

    Happy 2nd Anniversary! Great blog you should be proud such an accomplishment. I have been struggling with creating my own blog, mostly finding the right name but you have inspired me to keep going & trying😀 I needed the motivation today so thank you!


  5. Ruth says

    Congratulations on two years – that’s wonderful! This was a really enjoyable read, and it was nice to learn more about you. 🙂

  6. lizzumsbb says

    Happy Bloggiversary! Well done! Here’s to many more. Cliche or not, helping out parents is what I’d do too. I think it speaks volumes about people seeing whether they would help others or not! 🙂

  7. Chelsea says

    Happy Bloggiversary!
    Only just found your blog, loved to hear about you 🙂
    All the best for the future of your blog! 🧡

  8. olliviette says

    Congrats on two years! Answering these questions must have helped you really reflect on your journey. Good luck with the future!

  9. glamglitzgloss says

    Happy 2nd birthday, I love Q&A posts and getting an insight into the girl behind the blog. Here’s to many more great blogging years

  10. Chloe says

    Happy 2nd blog birthday. Congratulations on running your blog for two years. It looks amazing. I love reading your answers and I really liked how if you could go back to uni, you’d like to study journalism or forensic psychology. That’s really cool!

  11. Hannah Victoria says

    Happy blogiversary!!! 😀 That’s amazing. 2 years! Congrats on your collab with Love Honey! What a big brand. I’ll go and check out your favourite posts now as they sound so interesting.
    Alos, nothing wrong with being cliche – if I won the lottery I would help out my parents too!

    Hannah | https://hannahgladwin.com

  12. Pip Tips says

    Happy birthday to your blog. Do you get writers block, and If so, what do you do for ideas?

    • whatabigailsays says

      I do sometimes yeah, I tend to go and look for new bloggers to follow if I’m lacking a bit of inspiration or sometimes I’ll ask friends if they have anything they would like to see me write about!

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