A Week In Dubrovnik

A trip to Dubrovnik had been a feature on my must-travel list for quite a few years. So about a year ago now, when my boyfriend and I finally booked our flights and accommodation, it’s safe to say that I was more than a little excited to finally see what this historic ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ was all about.

exterior of dubrovnik city walls with a view of the sea

Now, I must warn you in advance, if you intend on spending a week in Dubrovnik at the same time that we did (early April) with the idea of chasing Mediterranean heat, you will be slightly disappointed. Although April is mild, the phrase ‘April Showers’ is accurate. If you are looking for a sunbathing and sea swimming holiday, maybe travel a little later in May-September.

Having said that, generally, the weather was kind to us. Being British, we are used to getting on with things despite the odd shower and on this holiday, that included a day of exploring beaches in the rain!

Dubrovnik is visually one of the most beautiful and unique places I have ever seen. The Old Town is smaller than you would imagine, comprising of steep stairs and cobbled streets sheltered by magnificent stone buildings. Many of you will recognise it from Game of Thrones (guided walking tours of attractions from the programme are a big thing here). Our apartment was about a 20-minute walk to the Old Town, but it was worth the walk every day.

inside dubrovnik old town

It really is hard to believe that less than 20 years ago, this part of the city was coming under attack and sustained significant damage due to the war. More can be found out about the war that occurred here at a hidden gem of a museum at the top of Mount Srdj. This can be accessed by cable car which allows for some stunning views of not just the Old Town, but Dubrovnik as a whole. It is also possible to walk up Mount Srdj, which we did on our third day in Dubrovnik. Don’t worry, it isn’t as traumatic as it sounds. As a person of average fitness, it took about an hour from bottom to top. We left quite early so that it wasn’t too warm and would also recommend sensible shoes as the path is quite steep and rocky.

Also found at the summit of Mount Srdj is a Buggy Safari experience, which I cannot recommend enough. The ‘safari’ itself comprises of an off-road driving section, a stop at an abandoned Fort and a stop at a viewpoint overlooking the newer side of Dubrovnik. The tour lasts about an hour depending on the size of your group and the guides speak excellent English. It is informative and also the most fun I have ever had for £25. The buggies are easy to drive and go fast enough for an adrenaline rush whilst still feeling safe!

man and woman in a red and black quad bike buggy

Walking the City Walls is an absolute must for a week in Dubrovnik and I’m sure if you have read any travel guides previous to this, you will have plenty of information on the history and wonder that this attraction provides. At this time of year, the walls weren’t too busy, and we chose to start the walk later in the day, but I imagine in peak season it can get very busy very quickly.

A particular highlight of our week in Dubrovnik was a boat trip to the island of Lokrum. Lokrum is the closest island to Dubrovnik and is permanently uninhabited (apart from the peacocks and wild rabbits!). The ferry takes about 15 minutes and runs every hour so no major planning is needed. On the island itself, there are multiple attractions including rocky ‘beaches’ and a Fort, but largely we found that the attractions listed on the map were a little underwhelming as there were no information plaques or guides provided. The absolute must-see of this island is the attraction marked ‘Dead Sea’. This is a sort of cove-like attraction, with stony beaches and very salty water, but most importantly it is beautiful. On a hot day, it is easy to sit here for hours.

Lokrum Island Cove - greena nd blue salt water surrounded by trees and rocks

We also took a boat tour to the Elaphiti Islands of Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep. These are a set of three inhabited islands not too far from Dubrovnik. This is a popular trip that was highly recommended to us. We spent a little longer on the boat than I had expected, but apart from beaches and browsing shops, there isn’t much to do on the islands so this was okay. The day was worth the money as you got to explore the islands as you wanted. We chose to stick to the main roads and beaches as this was easier, but most of the islands had churches and markets to explore too.

I must also highly recommend a visit to Bar Buza. Hidden high up at the back of the Old Town, the bar is built into the side of the walls themselves. The view is spectacular and the refreshments are reasonably priced with a good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. All the staff are very friendly and attentive and spoke really good English. The bar does get very busy towards the evening as it is a stunning place to view the sunset, so if this is your intention I would recommend getting there early.

Sunset at Bar Buza Dubrovnik

I hope this post inspires you to visit Dubrovnik! It really was the most amazing holiday and even though it has only been around a year, I’d go back in a heartbeat. The atmosphere of the Old Town is really comforting and everywhere you look there are stunning views. I’d highly recommend a week in Dubrovnik to anyone!

Have you read my other Travel Diaries? Or have you been to any other places in Dubrovnik that we missed? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. pixieskies says

    This looks fab – I’ve seen so much hype about Dubrovnik online lately that I’m itching to book flights. I’m glad you had a good time despite the rain, you’re right that as British people we kinda just get on with it! The Old Town especially looks beautiful, I’m a sucker for some traditional architecture.


  2. femaleoriginal says

    I’d love to visit Dubrovnik one day! I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones so it’s an essential trip for me to take 🙂 Sounds like you had a lovely time and the walking aspect of the holiday is definitely something I’d enjoy xx

  3. graceflood1996 says

    This is a great post, I loved reading it as I could relate on a personal level because I visited Dubrovnik last year and can definitely relate to what you mentioned in your post, I loved it, the Old Town was so pretty and despite it being small everything was nearby, lots of history here. I liked the Bar Buza however, didn’t realise it was called that until you mentioned it and when I looked at pictures, as we visited it but it was very dark and missed the incredible views but I can imagine it would be an incredible view, especially at sunset. I also remember going on the boat tour that you mentioned to, the Elaphiti Islands of Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep. Did you go up the Cable Car? That was a fantastic view and you can see all of the Old Town and I reckon you could potentially see Montenegro and the mountainous region. If you ever visit Dubrovnik again, I would definitely recommend Scuba Diving because my brother and I did this at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, which is on the outskirts and Croatia has an incredible array of marine life where we saw Starfish and Octopus!

    • whatabigailsays says

      It’s such a great place isn’t it? We did go up the cable car once but chose to walk up the next day, it got very hot very quickly! Oh wow scuba diving sounds awesome, I’d love to go back and explore Croatia as a whole x

  4. Cordelia Moor says

    I’d never really thought about visiting Dubrovnik before but it looks so, so gorgeous. My favourite places to explore are always old towns with loads of stunning places and plenty of history, and I like that you can easily do all the boat trips too!


  5. My Blurred World says

    This sounds like such an amazing trip! I’ve heard quite a lot of things about Dubrovnik recently, everyone says it’s lovely. I’d love to go there one day!xx

  6. alisonw30 says

    We visited Dubrovnik for the day back in May whilst on a cruise. Would love to spend longer there. The buggies look fun and the bar worth a visit.

  7. Vada Green says

    We were in Dubrovnik a couple weeks ago and we loved the cable car and dead sea. The island was great except for the big climb up to Fort Royal.

  8. bethsponge says

    Great post, its made me really eager to visit. I recently visited Zagreb which I have written about on my blog. I was super dissapointed but I think that was because I was comparing it to what I’ve seen of South Croatia. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lauren Ayriss says

    Ooo this is so good!! It’s never crossed my mind as a place to visit by you’ve really inspired me girl!! Keep at it! I look forward to your upcoming posts! 💛

  10. Mark H says

    It’s not a place we’ve visited yet but it is on the list as with so many other things. Sounds like you packed a lot in which is good to see; it’s the sort of full itinerary we’d probably end up doing too so when we eventually get around to using up some of our annual holiday in order to hit Dubrovnik I can see me coming back here for some ideas.

  11. The U-Bahn Less Travelled says

    Have so been meaning to get to Dubrovnik for ages – hopefully soon! Your photos are gorgeous as well!

    Rhianna xx

  12. multipotentialitethoughtswriter says

    Loved this, looks like you had so much fun. I loved the photos as well. I don’t get to travel, so I love seeing more of the world through blogs and posts like these. Great post xx

  13. Kimberly says

    This looks absolutely stunning! I’ve never even heard of this city, but I also don’t know much about Croatia. I am from the US ask I love seeing travel diaries of things in Europe. It’s a dream of mine to visit every country at least once! I’ve seen Ireland and it was magical. ✨

    Kimberly | lifeofkimberly.com

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