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I don’t think I could call myself a blogger if I didn’t love purchasing, using and reviewing Lush products! For any of you who are living under a rock, Lush are a UK cosmetics brand specialising in bath bombs, shower gels and more. They are proud to be vegan, cruelty free and all products are handmade. As we are nearing the end of the summer here in the UK, I thought I would do a little round up of my favourite products in a mini Lush summer haul.

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Roots Hair Treatment

I was actually gifted this way back at Christmas last year. I suffer from dry skin and sadly this also affects my scalp. I saw this product online as I was browsing and after reading some positive reviews, it sounded like it would be great for my skin and hair. Roots hair treatment promises to invigorate, renew and revitalise the scalp whilst working it’s nourishing magic.

For me, Roots was really effective. It does have a slightly strange texture, especially when applying to dry hair, but you soon get used to this. The mint extract cools and soothes your scalp, taking away the itch of dry skin but also stimulating hair growth. It smells amazing and left my roots feeling really well looked after!

Rose Jam Shower Gel

Rose Jam and Dirty Springwash Lush Shower Gels

I believe this product was seasonal a few years back and after a lot of begging and pleading, Lush decided to bring it back last Christmas! I’m not sure if this is now a permanent product or not, but I definitely bought this way after Christmas! Again, this one has been kicking around in my cupboards for a while as I was finishing up other Lush products!

Rose Jam, as the name may suggest, is a bit thicker than I would have expected from a shower gel, but this means that a little really goes a long way! Using vanilla, goji berry, rose and argan oil, Rose Jam is a very floral fragrance, perfect for summer. It’s quite a strong fragrance initially, but once it has lathered up, it calms and is very pleasant. I actually noticed the scent stays on your skin for ages as well which is lovely!

Green Coconut Jelly Bomb

Green Coconut Jelly Bomb Lush

After falling in love with the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb in my last Lush review, I decided to try the Green Coconut Jelly Bomb. Coconut is one of my favourite scents and it’s obviously very well known for being kind to skin too. One thing I will say is that I feel like this is a very different product for Lush. Normally, I find their scents can be quite in your face, whereas this is far subtler than their other coconut products.

The jelly bomb is still a slightly strange sensation, as the name suggests.  As well as your usual fizzing, the jelly bombs leave a layer of jelly-like ‘gloop’ on top of the water. It feels odd, but it is almost instantly nourishing and you can really feel the difference it is making to your skin.

Side note: Jelly bombs do make the bottom of the bath very slippy, so if you usually use a grab rail or require assistance getting in and out of the tub, please take extra care when using these. I learnt from experience!

Rocket Science Bath Bomb

Rocket Science BAth Bomb and other Lush UK products

Again, this choice was inspired by falling in love with the Intergalactic bath bomb in my previous review. I’m a lover of anything to do with space so I simply couldn’t resist this. With both lemon and bergamot combined, the scent of this bath bomb can easily be described as uplifting (see what I did there). It’s quite a strong smell, but it’s refreshing and reminds me of spring.

The bath bomb itself slightly contradicts its name; it’s a very slow fizzer! Mine lasted for what seemed like forever, but it turns the water a gorgeous shade of blue. As with all Lush bath bombs, Rocket Science does leave our skin feeling very smooth and soft. The smell seems to calm quite a lot once in the water, and I can’t say I noticed it on my skin for too long afterwards, but this is a fun bath bomb to try.

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel

This has to be one of my all-time favourite products from Lush. Dirty Springwash is a menthol breathe of fresh air and the best way I can describe it is a manly scent. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be aimed at men as Lush are pretty gender neutral in their marketing, but it’s definitely not a stereotypical girly scent.

Dirty Springwash has been perfect over the last few weeks as the menthol is really cooling on your skin, even in a hot shower. It’s a bit runnier than the Rose Jam so do be careful when you open the lid, as I lost valuable product down the plughole! This is definitely an invigorating, wake-me-up kind of shower gel that leaves your skin feeling incredible and you smelling sensational!

Overall, I am once again very impressed with all of the products I have discussed. Dirty Springwash will always be one of my favourite products, but I was also really impressed by the Green Coconut Jelly Bomb and Roots. I will definitely be repurchasing these as soon as I can.

What are your favourite go-to Lush products? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Completely Chelsea Lifestyle Blog says

    Ooh I’ll have to try Roots! I get a dry scalp too so I always like to use something with tea tree oil but lately I’ve been so stressed and it affects my skin (scalp included!). Great post!

  2. Alex Grace says

    OK now I feel a shopping trip to Lush coming on! A friend recommended Dream Cream as my daughter was getting eczema but now the whole family use it!

  3. Amy says

    Oooh lovely! I love lush products, particularly the bath bombs and bubble bars, but I don’t use them very often. Very intrigued by the green coconut bomb and literally everyone seems to love the rose jam. Best I get myself to Lush to try these out!


  4. anoceanglimmer says

    I love all the products you have spoken about here! I am a massive LUSH fan, always have to pick something up when I visit. I have definitely taken a liken to their Jelly Bombs, those are perfect. I’ve tried so many recently I can’t remember if the Green Coconut Jelly Bomb was one, I think I’m going to pick this up as I am a massive fan of Coconut.

    Gemma |

  5. jamnesreen says

    I have been contemplating for a long time on what to buy at Lush. I was thinking of buying their masks. This post really helps! Now I also want that shower gels!

  6. Joy says

    Shame on me because I’ve never tried Lush’s bath bombs. I am a fan of Lush’s facial masks though, I find them very gentle!!

  7. Charlotte says

    I LOVE their bath bombs! The other products are awesome too, of course. Great post 🙂

  8. Stephmulz says

    I’ve been intrigued by the rocket science bath bomb for a while now, I am now going to have to invest – what a fab mini haul. 💖

    I think half the fun of baths bombs is the colour it leaves the water – I am such a big kid aha.☺️

    Stephanie xox

    The LDN Gal

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