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As women, we hear a lot about body confidence in the media. We are more frequently being encouraged to embrace our bodies and celebrate them, no matter what shape or size. Whilst this is wonderful and I fully support and applaud the body positive movement, I think there is another element to be considered. As well as celebrating our bodies and loving ourselves, women should be being encouraged to embrace their sexuality.

By sexuality, I don’t mean in terms of their sexual orientation or preference, I mean embracing their sexual needs and desires and exploring these in a comfortable and safe environment, either alone or with a partner/s.

Let’s talk about sex, baby

I just had to get that line in somewhere! Let’s cut to the chase. Most of you reading this will have had sex. I’m sure most of you will have discussed it with your friends beforehand (and probably after, us girls love to gossip). Personally, I feel like we have made big steps in the right direction in the last few years, where more of us are comfortable to speak about our sex lives and our sexuality.

Sex is natural and normal and it is biologically required for us to be curious about our bodies and those of others. It is society that has made us feel uncomfortable about sex, but hopefully not for much longer.

Society is accustomed to the norm of men masturbating, so why aren’t women allowed to do the same? Women are so frequently portrayed in a sexual manner, yet heaven forbid a woman admits to embracing her own sexuality and has a pleasurable sexual experience without a partner. I’m hoping that by sharing this with you, I can go some way to starting the conversation on female sexuality, masturbation and so much more.

Lets Get It On…

I am not ashamed to enjoy sex and masturbation. I enjoy sex with my partner, and I enjoy using sex toys both with him and alone. Our sexual pleasure as women is nothing to be ashamed or fearful of, yet I bet many of you are reading this with a bit of shock. We are not used to hearing other women speak so openly and publicly about something that 78% of us admit to doing regularly

Admittedly, I believe we are moving in a better direction. I know for certain that myself and my friends frequently discuss our favourite sex toys, from rabbit vibrators to love eggs. Companies like Lovehoney are making being sexually active and independent the focus of their business, with your needs at the heart of what they do. Why else would they call themselves The Sexual Happiness People!

They offer a range of sex toys, lingerie, sex accessories and fancy dress plus very useful product descriptions and honest reviews, so you can make an informed decision for you. They even have a nifty add-on features section so you never run out of batteries at the wrong time! So whether you are a curious beginner, or you know exactly what you are looking for, Lovehoney have got you covered.

I truly believe that we can break the stigma of female masturbation and improve all of our sexual confidence by just talking about sex and sexuality a lot more openly. Tell your partner what you like and dislike, recommend your favourite toy to your friend, anything. That open discussion, I think, can break down barriers and empower us as women to embrace our sexuality.

This post was written in collaboration with Lovehoney, including the gifting of products. All opinions within this post remain truthful and my own. 

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  1. ltmcgrath says

    Well said! I think it’s great that you wrote this post- more women need to be open and embrace their sexuality! It’s a natural part of life and shouldn’t be so taboo to talk about!

  2. Ariana Allen says

    Love this post. When I become a midwife someday I hope to encourage women to embrace their bodies and sexuality. The stigma needs to be broken. Women deserve to express and embrace all aspects of their being.

  3. pixieskies says

    I love the confidence that shines through in this post, we as women really need to take ownership and be proud of our sexuality from time to time. Lovehoney is an awesome company too!


  4. Cordelia Moor says

    I love this! It’s so hard to start the conversation even if you want to talk openly about it because other people find it so weird, and more people creating posts like this and starting to talk is just incredible!


  5. sullialice says

    I love this post and I also love a good Lovehoney order (this post may have made me think about treating myself to something new in order to embrace my sexuality even more! Any excuse!!).


  6. multipotentialitethoughtswriter says

    I loved this post and it’s so true!! As women we are ashamed of admitting and acknowledging our sexuality and sexual preferences. I fully support posts like this, thanks for sharing 😊

  7. Opposite Tourists says

    Great post! I definitely agree that we should be talking more about women’s sexuality in a positive way. For far too long women have been made to feel like if they discuss sex in this way then they’ll be viewed as promiscuous. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of sex love, which men seem to be able to talk about so freely all the time.

    Our blog will discuss relationship topics too and we are planning a few sex posts in the future. My partner and I are sex positive and want to promote and embrace sexuality.

    Rio |

  8. Amy says

    Agree with The Diary of Ellie here and love, love, love the confidence that bursts from this post. Well done you for standing up and speaking out. There isn’t enough of this in the world and I very much believe your input will support the continuing movement towards equality over time.

    Congrats Abigail, super post! Loved it.


  9. Kayla says

    Well done!! It’s so great to see women embrace their sexuality, and not make it weird! I loved this post so much!

  10. Sumedha says

    I needed this a few years back. It took me a long while to accept that I like to masturbate and that it isn’t bad. In my country, we still don’t have sex until marriage (though the growing number of teenage relationships in secret does change the number a little) so all my life I thought we weren’t supposed to do anything. Most of the romance books I read showed men masturbation but not women and I was so confused. I’m good now, but these things have to change.

  11. Bexa says

    Such a great post! Thank you for talking so honestly and openly about sexuality. It’s not something we should be secretive or ashamed about as it’s such a natural and normal thing. Well done for sharing Abi, such a refreshing read! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  12. deannasstilwell says

    um YASSS because why don’t women own it. My favorite character from Sex in the City is Samantha for a reason because she’s not ashamed of anything she does for HERSELF and that’s how we should all be as women. Great post loved the titles!

    Deanna from

  13. yorkshiremumof4 says

    Maybe then we will start talking about the yucky bits after sex or the yukky towels to clean up the mess haha – Or even how crap most people’s first time is because no one knows what the hell they are doing. I wish there wasn’t such a stigna – I don’t want my children to think sex is a huge secret thing – I want to be able to discuss pregnancy / STIS with them to keep them safe as no one informed me of this stuff.

  14. Mykki says

    I am all about body and sex positivity – which is funny because I’m a HARDCORE Asexual and I have no desire to do the sex thing, at all, with anyone. For me, that is what feels natural and right.

    I think all people should feel safe and comfortable enough to do what feels right their bodies, and that female sexuality should not be stigmatized as something for only men to enjoy and benefit from, but as a human experience!

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