Why I Switched From Birchbox To Glossybox

I recently made the choice to cancel my Birchbox subscription after around 2 years of being a member. I chose to switch to Glossybox, arguably their biggest competitor, having seen lots of positive reviews and doing some of my own research.

I see a lot of people, bloggers especially, writing about both of these subscription boxes, so I thought it might be useful if I weighed up the pros and cons and wrote honestly about what I think of both brands.

Birchbox and Glossybox

Box Size and Items

Unsurprisingly, one of the main reasons I considered switching from Birchbox to Glossybox was the items you receive each month. Whilst generally I am happy with what I receive in my monthly Birchboxes, in recent months I was finding I wasn’t that excited by the products anymore. Perhaps it is because I had been a subscriber for so long, but I found the brands and products were getting a bit repetitive. I had also started to receive products that I would never use, or brands that I had told Birchbox I didn’t get on with.

I also found when doing my research on Glossybox that you get one more item per month, plus a much bigger box! I also checked out their product list and it excited me that I had not heard of a lot of the brands featured. The main reason I subscribe to any beauty box is to explore new brands and products, so this was a big win for Glossybox.

More For The Same Price?

I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Both Birchbox and Glossybox are priced at around £13 a month, and yet Glossybox seems to have a lot more to offer their customers. Having spoken to a few Glossybox subscribers and reading some reviews of recent boxes, it was clear that the sample sizes you receive in Glossybox are much bigger than Birchbox. This is something I see as a frequent complaint from Birchbox customers, so I’m not surprised to see a competitor trying to capitalise on this!

I also noticed that you seem to receive more full-size items in Glossybox than Birchbox. This could be to do with the brands that these companies choose to work with, but it’s another win for Glossybox as full-size means more product for me to test and use and more for my money!

July Glossybox with products lined up on it

Personal Experiences

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know that I frequently review my Birchboxes. This has actually really helped me to document my ups and downs with the brand, as well as share any thoughts on individual products with you, in the hope of making your lives a little easier!

I will never forget being so disappointed by my September box that I actually wrote a complaint to Birchbox as well as very publicly sharing my review across a variety of their social media platforms. I very nearly cancelled my subscription there and then, but I thought I would give them a second chance to redeem themselves, which arguably they did. However, this continued to play on my mind and I did lose a bit of my faith in the brand at this point.

First Impressions of Glossybox

Having received my first Glossybox, I definitely think I have made the right decision. The box itself is beautiful and a lot bigger than Birchbox and the design this month is giving me all sorts of mermaid vibes! The products themselves are a much better size than Birchbox, and include some names that I am familiar with as well as totally unknown brands. I received products ranging from hand cream, to sun lotion to toothpaste! The key thing for me was that I had that excitement back as I was opening my Glossybox, and to me, the experience is equally as important as the products I receive.

July Glossybox 2018 including contents

Please let me know if you would like a full review on my July Glossybox, as I’m quite impressed with the products I have tried so far!

Have you ever tried Glossybox or Birchbox? Let me know your thoughts on both brands in the comments!

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  1. ruthinrevolt says

    I don’t get either, but I’m glad you’ve switched and are happy with your decision! 🙂 I think the fun thing about getting subscription boxes is the anticipation of what might arrive, so if they were getting repetitive and you were bored, it doesn’t seem like a good use of your money. Love the honesty of your review 🙂

  2. BethRebecca says

    I really need to try glossybox! I’ve only ever tried birchbox and I only had it about 3 times before I lost interest

    Beth x

  3. Mykki says

    I still like Birchbox – I actually made the switch from Ipsy recently (and their Trans Day snafu!) and ended up really liking Birchbox. I get a lot more skincare items than makeup, which is exactly what I wanted and as I’m familiar with a lot of the brands I already know what will or won’t work for my skin type.

    Birchbox provides a lot of Korean brand samples too, which I adore.

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