How And Why I Went Self-Hosted

Ohh, look, a new fancy internet space that is all mine!

As you’ve probably noticed, things are looking a little different around here. I finally took the plunge and went self-hosted and boy, am I glad I did.

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How does it work?

There are many ways to go self-hosted and a simple Google search can help you find which way is best for you. For WordPress users, there are options that WordPress themselves offer such as the Personal or Business plan, but this option just didn’t feel right for me. I chose to register my domain with SiteGround, as I know many other bloggers use this and it seemed fairly priced and reliable. I also chose SiteGround as they have a strong working relationship with Pipdig, which is where this snazzy new design came from!

Let me talk you through it…

Firstly, I popped onto the Pipdig site to see what advice they offered about the whole process of going self-hosted. I came across this handy guide which effectively directed me through the steps I needed to take. The first step is to set up your domain with SiteGround using Pipdig’s link. All you do is type the name of your site eg whatabigailsays, choose which plan you want (depending on which functions you would like, monthly views etc) and pay. Simple.

Next, you need to choose which Pipdig theme you would like. I had already spent quite a few hours on Pipdig by this point, and had decided on the Aruba Nights theme. I chose this theme because I like the simplicity of it and the modern feel really caught my eye. I’m also well aware that my blog photography isn’t quite up to the standard of designs with large, full width images, so I took this into consideration too.

Once my theme was purchased, I filled out the form and that was it. All control was passed over to the guys at Pipdig. As it is Bank Holiday weekend, I wasn’t expecting my site transfer to be completed until at least Tuesday, but it came as a big surprise when 3 HOURS later, I got an email confirming that my transfer was complete. Shout out to the Pipdig team for being super efficient (and sorry to whoever was working on my site on a Bank Holiday…)

In terms of how my blog actually works, nothing is that different. I still use WordPress admin to view my stats and write posts and you can still follow me using the subscribe function to the right-hand side. It’s just all a lot prettier!

I’m so happy and proud of my little space on the internet and I’m excited to spend the next few days tweaking and playing around with what my new site can do!

If you have any questions at all about any part of going self-hosted, please leave them in the comments below or contact me here!

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  1. Emilia Rachael says

    I’ve been considering going self hosted for so long now!! Do you mind me asking how much it cost? Or if you’re not comfortable answering that do you think it’s a suitable plan for people on a budget and is it worth the money? New site honestly looks gorgeous 💕

    Em x

    • whatabigailsays says

      My theme was £39, my domain name and registering etc is around £30 for a year and I also bought a redirect from my site for £13 for 12 months 🙂 so it really depends on your budget but I thought it was quite reasonable! Thank you so much sweet! 💜

  2. Brooke Pearson says

    I’ve been self hosted for a few months now and I’m so glad I did it, I love having my own domain and pipdig theme! It definitely motivates me to blog more because I love the way it looks.
    Brooke x

  3. Soffy S says

    Congratulations! This explanation on going self hosted is by far the best I’ve come across if I’m being honest! I’m considering this but get confused which plan id go for! Blog looks lovely 🙂

    Soffy //

  4. alice.loyallaleon says

    I want to go self hosted and have brought my domain name. I just worry that I am going to mess it up or something will go wrong

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