Shyness Is My New Superpower

It’s something that has been said to me a lot recently and got me thinking. The phrase “you’re shy aren’t you?”
I’ve been pretty shy for most of my life, which can make navigating the adult work pretty tricky. For me, simple tasks like answering the phone can feel like diffusing a bomb. Being introduced to new people makes me wish the world would swallow me whole. And don’t even get me started on job interviews…

As a child, I remember being confident and chatty. I was forever being told off at school for being too loud and disrupting others. However, as the years have gone on, I have become naturally quieter and less chatty. I prefer to listen to others and take in what they are saying. I value the importance of others’ words over my own.

I try and keep my shyness under control and hidden as it is seen by society as a detriment and a negative. But in truth, I think shyness can actually have a lot of benefits. To try and come to terms with this frowned upon personality trait, I’ve started to think of shyness as my superpower. And here’s why…

For a start, all those extroverts out there that think I’m crazy, remember that Clark Kent wouldn’t have been a very good superhero if he kept bragging about how cool it was to be Superman 😉

Shy people can understand the difference between genuine and fake people easier

Now I’m no scientist, but hear me out. In my experience, assholes don’t pay any attention to shy people because we can’t do anything for them. We aren’t going to scream and shout about how awesome they are or make their parties cooler, so they assume we have nothing to offer and move on. Truly nice and genuine people will take the time to say ‘hi’ and introduce themselves because they aren’t looking to gain anything other than a nice conversation and a new friend.

Shy people hear all secrets

One of the perks of being the girl sat at the edge of the room is that often people forget you are there. And that you have ears. We’re also pretty good at seeing things from all perspectives as we aren’t actively involved, so we tend not to judge (don’t worry).

Shy people have a built-in excuse to be lazy

Don’t feel like putting a bra on or going outside? Then don’t! One of the best perks about being a well-known introvert is that that people who know me expect me to decline invitations from time to time, just because of who I am as a person. That is all the information that is required to explain my absence. And sometimes there are other reasons, like I’m super tired or just can’t face people today, but since I can use my shyness to mask that, people never have to know (until now…)

Shy people are often more efficient at getting work done

This is not because I have some crazy dedicated work ethic, but because as a shy person I find I spend less time chatting to people or getting distracted by others. This means I end up working harder and faster and hopefully have more time to do what I enjoy.

So ultimately, I am embracing my shyness and focusing on the positives it brings to my life. We may live in a society where being confident and outgoing is the norm, but just because us shy people are a little different doesn’t mean we’re not awesome. I’m embracing my new found superpower, are you?

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  1. enisette says

    I love this post honestly! As a pretty shy person myself embracing that side of me has been way better than trying to be more outgoing just cos other people think I should be haha. All of these are such good reasons that there’s positives to being shy!

  2. nadaliebardo says

    Ohh I love this post, I like how shy people hear all secrets. I can see how that’s true, most people open up to you easier and if you’re a listener, you hear all things.

  3. theemeralddove says

    Great post! I’ve always been so shy and I’m so fed up of people asking why I’m so quiet haha. But you’re right about hearing all the secrets, I always think I’d make a great spy haha

  4. Dean B says

    I’ve always been considered shy too. But I really am more of an introvert than an extrovert so I’m fine with being seen as shy 🙂

  5. Ana De-Jesus says

    Amen. Most people who meet me think I am not shy but the truth is I am, especially when there is a lot of people around me it can make me feel uncomfortable. We definitely are able to listen more and spot fake people.I seem to have a knack for sniffing them out haha x

  6. Anosa says

    I am not shy by any means but I do have my moments and those times I can honestly say I use them as my super power. Loved this post

  7. beccajtalbot says

    I think it’s great that you’re embracing your shyness and turning it into positives. You shouldn’t ever change yourself to try and fit in with the “norms” x

  8. graceflood1996 says

    Great post! I can relate to this on so many levels, as I was always told I was ‘shy’ or ‘quiet’ at school but like you said its a positive and can have its benefits, particularly when listening to what other people have to say before you say what you have to say. I definitely feel I have worked on my shyness and am a lot more confident this year due to personal circumstances.

    Grace x

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