My First Week In My New Job

My First Week In My New Job
I’m officially one week into being a ‘real adult’ and I’m so happy to tell you guys I’m having an amazing time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m permanently exhausted and working full-time is going to take a lot of adjusting to, but I’m seriously enjoying it.
My first step onto my career path involves me working for a digital marketing company as an account executive. The company I work for build and maintain websites for automotive companies as well as running social media campaigns on their behalf. My role means that I deal with our clients on a daily basis. They send me any ideas they have or issues they have found with their website and I resolve them. It’s a hard role to describe and I have a lot to learn, but it’s really fun! So much so, that I actually look forward to going to work every day.
I know, I’m a nerd right? But I could think of nothing worse than dragging my lazy bum out of bed every morning to do something I hate. I do appreciate that not every week will be the same, and some days might be stressful, but I think it’s a big tick that I’m already enjoying the work even though quite often I have no idea how to even start a task, but everyone seems to expect that and the whole team is friendly, helpful and encouraging.
My First Week In My New Job - Mondays
One major thing I wanted to write about in this more personal post was the anxiety that I had to overcome this week. A new job is daunting for anyone, but when you find social situations and new people as terrifying as jumping off a cliff, it’s on a whole other level. I am by no means over my anxiety already, but everyone does seem to understand that things can be a little harder for me. One thing I have found useful is to take a break from my desk every now and then and have some space to myself to think. It can be overwhelming sitting in an office with a bunch of new people that you are too scared to talk to, but I’ve found that this helps me collect my thoughts and process any new information I’ve learnt.
I’ve also tried really hard to learn as much as possible this week by taking endless amounts of notes and revising them at home in the evenings. It’s just like being back at university! But this is only going to make my confidence grow and hopefully help me to learn all the new systems and technical info I need.
A bit of a different post but I hope you enjoyed reading. If my future weeks and months are as good as this one, then I will count myself lucky!

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  1. goingwithhappy says

    Congrats on the new job! I’m unemployed at the moment and looking for a job, so I really hope my situation changes soon. It’s also awesome you really like your job. That’s soooo important and I think enjoyment is something people unfortunately have to overlook sometimes to make money in today’s society. So congrats on finding something fulfilling (:
    – Shannon

  2. Catarina Coelho says

    Congrats on the job and I am so glad you’re enjoying it! Getting immersed in the work is a great way to learn quickly and avoid thinking about your anxieties. Before you know it you’ll be feeling at home. It’s the best knowing you will enjoy going into work everyday and hopefully you carry on feeling like that. You’ll get used to the hours and personally in my job I love that everyday is different. It means I don’t know what I’m walking in to but it means I have a challenge to face and work through. I’m a teacher so everyday is interesting and I’m starting my first official year as a teacher at the school I trained in in September so I’ll be getting those first job jitters again soon. I hope you carry on enjoying your job lovely, and well done on writing about your anxieties. That’s a great step towards overcoming them!
    Cat |

  3. Castles and Hurricanes says

    This sounds like such a cool job! I came here from your post about the lessons you’ve learned from your job, and I’m glad to see that overall you’ve been doing well! I also get anxiety when meeting new people and from social events, so I understand how you felt when you started!
    I love your blog and am looking forward to reading more posts from you! 🙂

    Melissa //

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