My Sort-Of Summer Goals

Summer Goals Banner.jpgSummer has always been my favourite of all seasons. As a kid, I used to look forward to going to summer camp, going on family holidays and being free. Now that I’m older, I find I long for the freshly warm weather which a few months ago seemed an impossible reality! I spend winter wrapped in layers upon layers of clothing praying for days where I can get dressed in the morning with no worries of a potential downpour. This will sound cliche, but the basic act of living just becomes so much easier with a little sunshine and freedom.
And perhaps this is why every year, I feel like summer passes me by, leaving in its wake a long list of could haves and should have dones. Because I look forward to it so much and every year I try to make it better and more interesting than the last.
This year will be slightly different, as I don’t have the same summer holiday that I am used to. I have recently completed my degree and am now actively looking for a permanent full time job, so my summer may be cut short (even more reason to make the most of it!)
We all have those lists of adventures and activities that inevitably get stored away for another year and now it is time, another sort-of summer has arrived and another fateful list must be written. But this year I really am going to try and do and see it all. If I have something to focus on, something to aim for, something to achieve apart from surviving, it might actually turn out to be the best one yet.
So, I thought I would share my list with you!
– Go to the beach
– Watch a new film every week
– Eat fruit everyday

– Read at least three new fiction books
– Go to a theme park
– Get a grad job
– Grow a cactus plant
– Make a tie dye top
– Learn/practice yoga 2-3 times a week
– Be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes
– Become an early riser
 Get a new piercing
– Go a whole week without the internet
– Bake something new every week
What are your goals for this summer?


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  1. 10/08/2017 / 11:59 pm

    Summer has always been my all time favorite. Enjoy weekend.

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