6 Things I Wish I Knew At 16

Hello me, it’s your future calling. Although we are now 22, we still don’t feel like a grown up, our boobs haven’t gotten any bigger and we’re still a little unsure of ourselves. There’s a lot left to learn, but here are 6 things I wish I knew at 16.

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You are not as gross looking as you think you are

(Okay, so the hair needs some work but soon you will learn how to tame it). But other than that, remember that your body is still new and changing. You aren’t built to look exactly the same as the ‘perfect’ girl in the magazines because you are built to be you, which is SO much better by the way.

You will recover from your first heartbreak and you will love again

I know right now heartbreak feels like you are dying from the inside out and like the world is crumbling around you, but it will get better. It will always get better. Of course, it takes time and tears and the support of friends (and pizza), but you will get there. And you will love again, because you are not unlovable and you are not unkind and you are worthy and deserving of someone better.

The ‘popular’ girls in high school are not just Barbie dolls

Despite appearing to breeze through puberty without a care, these girls have insecurities too. As you get older and leave high school, you learn that these girls are no different from the ‘geeks’ or the ‘losers’. They go through the same heartbreaks and challenges as you, as displaying kindness and sympathy to them instead of jealously will serve you well.

Confidence is the most powerful tool you have

Confidence, although sometimes difficult to come by, is about allowing yourself to be open to all opportunities life has to throw at you. This isn’t a practice run. Explore your curiosities without worrying about failure. Take the plunge, and fake it til you make it!

Being yourself takes time

As silly as it sounds, finding yourself and being comfortable with who you really are can take a lot of time and effort to get used to. By finding yourself, I don’t mean jet-setting to a secluded beach in Thailand. I mean really looking at your values. What does being a good friend mean to you? What kinds of people do you like to be around? Now is your time to discover your personality and your aspirations. Get to know that person deep down and the rest will come easily.

Finally, yes, you will slowly become your Mother.

It’s inevitable. It’s well known that teenagers feel like their parents don’t understand them or what they have to deal with, but…
BREAKING NEWS: your parents were once teenagers too. It’s common to feel misunderstood, but this will pass and eventually you will find yourself quoting her famous phrases and actually listening to the advice she has been giving you for all these years.

What things do you wish you could tell teenage you? Is there anything you would change about yourself as a teenager?

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