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Currently, most UK students will be knee-deep in exams and assessments. So I think it’s about time we had a little chat about revision tips, managing stress and how to get through exam season with minimal emotional breakdowns.

I will now add the obvious disclaimer that what works for me may not be as effective for you and ultimately revision is about finding what works best for you. I’m not claiming to be any sort of expert, but it can’t hurt to share a few revision tips and pointers can it? In keeping with a lot of topics discussed on this blog, I will covering some general health and well-being advice as well as some revision tips – it is SO important to look after yourself as well as study hard.

Don’t leave all your work until the last minute

One really valuable thing I have learnt whilst being at University is how important and valuable it is to keep on top of things and manage your time wisely. Whether that is weekly readings, or lecture notes, try and help yourself by doing these tasks weekly and save yourself a mountain of work in the weeks leading up to exams. Setting weekly goals and targets for revision can be really helpful too.

Ask for help and support if you need it

This could be a simple cuddle from a housemate or seeking professional help. Either way, the most important thing is to share your experiences and ask for help if you really need it. The majority of universities (if not all) will have support systems in place for all kinds of mental health situations.

Remember to have a non-academic life too

It can be so easy to feel like the most productive thing to do is lock yourself away in your room, but it has actually be proven that we can only concentrate for a certain amount of time before our brain just doesn’t take in any more information. Taking breaks are vital. Hobbies and societies provide us with some much needed emotional stability and acts as a reminder of makes you *you* when you start to doubt yourself.

Eat well

Food should not be an aftermath during exam season. Work food breaks into your revision plan and try to resist the temptation to live off takeaways for a month “because it’s easier”. Your body needs good food to survive and that includes your brain too – blueberries and nuts are particularly nourishing and make a great smoothie!

Find (or create) and study friendly space

Personally, I find I work a lot better in my bedroom than in the library. I think it’s because my room is very comforting and relaxing to me. Ideally, a study friendly space will be quiet and will have enough room for you to store snacks (a definite must for revision!). If your study space happens to be away from your house, I would recommend taking a ‘survival kit’ of headphones, highlighters, notebooks, sticky notes, a bottle of water and the previously mentioned and crucial snacks!

I really hope that these few quick revision tips help ease your worry – now go and smash those exams and remember to celebrate afterwards!

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